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2024 REL9 - Release Notes

Date: June 25, 2024


In this release, we've introduced a redesigned homepage for administrators to explore in the sandbox environment. Please review the changes and collaborate with your Kryterion Customer Success Manager to provide any feedback. Additionally, we have launched a new API for editing items and made updates to support our new payment processor when using SSO Deep Links. We have also added new functionality for upcoming Webassessor enhancements, as detailed below:

Features Coming Soon:

  • AI Item Writing

  • Exam Watermarking

  • Granular Test Aid Options when Configuring Online Proctored Exams

New Features:

Feature 1

Admin UI/Logic - Add Precheck Instructions to OLP Delivery Type

Feature 2

ADA Accommodation Alignment

Feature 3

Edit Item API - V1

Feature 4

Weglot - Make OLP Screens Configurable by Region

Feature 5

The registration metrics data overlaps in small devices (13-inch screens)

Feature 6

Add Expiration Format to Expiration Field - CollectJS/Scheduling UI

Feature 7

Admin home page when refreshed will be logs out and redirected to the login page

Feature 8

Weglot - Make Mobile Screens Configurable by Region

Feature 9

SPRING - Company Info Page

Feature 10

SPRING - Certifications Page

Feature 11

Enhancement - Dashboard Items

Feature 12

CollectJS Deeplinks: Create a new CollectJS payment

Feature 13

CollectJS Deeplinks Registration: Prerequisite Logic for Registration Payment Screen

Feature 14

CollectJS Deeplinks Registration: Additional processes in preparation for payment screen

Feature 15

Item Writing UI - Pop up and logic to transition to new UI


Defect 1

Issue with link redirecting in Prod, SB01, UAT2

Defect 2

DEV1/STG1: Old/New Janus - Session Review: The status is Completed even though the status in the session is Suspended

Defect 3

User is able to scan the QR code on the exam when dark mode setting is on.

Defect 4

Candidate New UI: OLP Exam can be Taken at the Current Date Despite the Wait Period

Defect 5

HTML showing in ADA box

Additional Information

For more information and guidance on using the new features, please refer to our help center. We hope you enjoy these new features and find them helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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